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Checker Board Quilt Top
Title:  "Checker Board"
or "6 X 6 X 6 X 6"

Skill Level - Perfect for a beginner,
or someone that needs a quick, quilt, gift, right away.
or a Longarm Quilter, that needs a quilt top, to play on
Fabric Requirements:  Pick three fabrics that are complimentary.

1)  Fabric One, for outer border and inner body of Checker Board             2 1/4 yards*
2)  Fabric Two, for inner body of Checker Board                                             1 1/4 yards*
3)  Fabric Three, for inner border and binding                                                  1 1/4 yards*    

* I have allowed an extra 1/4 yard of each fabric, for this project.  You may have fabric that is off
grain, or you may make a mistake when cutting.  You will have extra fabric, for the fudge factor.    
Better to have a few inches to much, than a few inches to few.   All seams for this project should
be a scant 1/4 inch.
Fabric One:

Cut Six strips X six inches for the Checker Board body of
Cut Six strips x six inches for the outer border of the quilt.
Fabric Two:

Cut Six strips x six inches for the Checker
Board body of the quilt.
Sew the six, fabric one strips, to the six, fabric two strips,
using a scant 1/4 inch.  Alternating them in this
sequence.  1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2

You should have 12 strips sewn together at this point.

Tip:  If you don't have a 1/4 inch presser foot, use a piece
of painters tape to mark your 1/4 inch.  Painters tape will
not leave a sticky residue on your sewing machine, when
Press all seams in one direction.

I use steam!
Fold your newly pieced yardage, carefully in 1/2 and in 1/2

top edges are straight.  Make sure all of your seams are
aligned straight.

Cut and remove the selvages.

Cut your pieced yardage into six inch strips.  

FYI - If you started with fabric 45" wide, and after removing
the selvages, you should get 7 strips.

Sew them together, using a scant 1/4 inch.

Since you ironed all of the strips in one direction.  All of
your seams
should nestle into the next seam.

Iron the newly created Quilt Body.
Find the six strips of Fabric Three, the inner border and Cut
them in half, rendering twelve, three inch strips.

Six strips, will be used for the inner border, six strips  will be
used for the binding.

Put the six strips for the binding in a zip lock bag, and label
it. (in case  you can't finish this quilt right away).
Measure the width of the short edge of the quilt.
It should measure 39 inches.  

Remove the selvages and cut 2 pieces of fabric three strips,
39 inches long.

Sew a strip to the top and the bottom of the quilt.  

Iron the seam out.
Measure the width of the long edge of the quilt.

It should measure 71 1/2 inches.  

Sew the remaining 4 strips of inner border strips together
into 2 strips x 2.  Remove selvages.  Measure and cut, two
strips, 71 1/2 inches long.

Sew the border strips to both long sides of the quilt top.

Iron the seam out.
With the remaining 6 strips of outer border fabric.  

Cut two strips, 43.5.  Attach to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Press out.

Sew the four remaining strips into two strips of two lengths.  Cut them 82.5 inches.

Sew them to the sides of the quilt.  Press out.

Your quilt top is now ready for quilting and binding.
Texas Quilt Machines, LLC