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Quilt Dispay Rack
Quick and Easy and
Front View
Back View
Easy to make out of PVC pipes.
Total cost, about $20.00

I used 1 1/4" for many of my quilt racks.

I used 1 1/2" for quilt racks for King
Size Quilts.  No sagging.

Items needed:

2 Elbow connectors
4 "T" connectors
4 End caps, (not shown).

4 PVC pieces cut 4 foot each
4 PVC pieces cut 2 feet each
These items, will build an 8 foot tall
frame, with support legs.

For the width of the display rack, or long
pieces that hold the quilt....

2 PVC pieces cut 6 foot each, will yield
a 6 foot wide quilt display rack.

2 PVC pieces cut 8 foot each, will yield
an 8 foot wide quilt display rack

2 PVC pieces cut 10 foot each, will
yield a 10 foot wide quilt display rack.
You need to use 1 1/2" PVC for this
size, to prevent sagging.

Assemble as shown on the left.

Put the four end caps on the bottom
support pieces if you like. Not shown
on this quilt rack.

Purchase 2 of the Elbow Connectors
Purchase 4 of the "T" Connectors
Purchase 4 of the PVC End Caps.
(not shown)
Purchase 2
Purchase 4
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