Extreme, Feathers, Longarm Training Retreat
Texas Quilt Machines, LLC
Our Number One Focus Is Longarm Quilting!
When:               March 2013, Two Days.
Where:              Houston, Texas  (Actually, Spring Texas, a suburb of Houston, 13 miles from IAH Airport).
What:                Two Days, Focused Entirely On Quilting Feathers On Longarm Quilting Machines.
Hours:               9:00am - 6:00pm, each day, one hour lunch break. (8 hours of training each day).
Machines:         Handi Quilter, Baby Lock and Janome, Stitch Regulated, Longarm Quilting Machines.  (18" and 24")
       Each Student will have his/her own machine, to work on, for the entire retreat.
       No sharing machines, no standing around waiting for your turn.
Class Fee:        $500.00
Supplies:           All handouts, patterns, designs and teaching techniques, are supplied in a notebook.
      All fabric, batting, thread, etc, are included in the Tuition Fee.
      You will take home 2 sample quilts, that you created in the 2 day retreat.

Topics and Techniques Covered.....
Placing Feathers Into Square Blocks
Placing Feathers Into Triangle Blocks
Placing Feathers Into Oblong Blocks
Placing Feathers Into Odd Shaped Blocks
Placing Feathers Into Inner Borders
Placing Feathers Into Outer Borders
Placing Feathers Into Tricky Borders
Placing Feathers Into Horrible Borders, (How to fix and correct bad borders).
Overall Feather, Edge to Edge
Quick and easy ways to quilt the entire quilt, using all over feather quilting                        
Each Teacher will teach an overall feather technique

How Do I Quilt This?  Topic and Discussion each day.....
Yes, we will discuss design choices, and how this can affect the quilting outcome.
Yes, we will discuss thread choices, and how this can affect the quilting outcome.
Yes, we will discuss batting choices, and how this can affect the quilting outcome.

Pricing and Business Info...
The expert longarm quilting professionals/teachers, will have a question and answer discussion time,              
each day, about running your longarm business.  Don't miss this.

Space limited to 5 longarm students, for this Extreme Feather Training Retreat.  
We have 1 teacher and 1 assistant in each class.  It you have a question about the machines, during the class, an
assistant will be there in an instant to help you.  No class time will be wasted.

There are no beginner or basic techniques taught.  Students should be comfortable with the basics of their machine.  
Call if you have questions.

Email me, to reserve your space.