The Janome Artistic Liberty 26x8 and 18x8 Long Arm Quilting Machine
Our not—so—basic, basic model

Janome Artistic Liberty 26x8 and/or 18x8, is our entry level long arm that’s anything but ordinary!
This state-of-the-art machine offers quilters everything they need in an affordable quilting machine.
When every stitch counts toward a memory, demand all of the power and none of the limitations.
Liberty new Servo motor with auto-stitch and breathtakingly beautiful 2200 stitches per minute make affordable quilting excellence a reality.

For every quilter
's who dreams of owning a long arm that’s not only affordable, but gives the performance of a much higher-priced machine, The new
Janome Artistic Liberty 26x8 and/or 18x8 is here!
Amazing, precise stitches with tons of features make her a machine you’ll love to own for years to come.

Janome Artistic Liberty Machine Features:

Auto Stitch
Your Janome Artistic Liberty 18x8 features an LCD display. When you select any of the stitch modes, including auto stitch, your machine coordinates
with your movements; as you move the machine it sews, when you stop it stops with you. With stitch regulation so precise, allowing for even the finest
micro-stippling, the new
Janome Liberty  makes quilting elegant, sophisticated and precise.

Auto Needle Positioner
Your Janome Artistic Liberty 26x8 and/or 18x8 has the ability to stop in the needle up or needle down position with exact precision, minimizing bent or
broken needles and allowing free movement of the machine.

Built-In Bobbin Winder w/Large Bobbin
Your Janome Artistic Liberty 26x8 and/or 18x8 offers a built-in bobbin winder that winds while you quilt, so your next bobbin is always full and ready.
It also features the largest available bobbin capacity, the M-size bobbin.

Comfort Grip Handlebars
The curve style handlebars allow for easy movement of the machine and help to ease tension and tired muscles, making quilting easier.
Integration of Quilt Magician and
Liberty Stitch Regulator

Janome Artistic Robotic - Automated Computer
A seamless integration where technology meets computerized quilting:
Simply attach the hardware, plug it in, and you have a fully-automated system. Simplicity at its best
Add it today, next week or next year..... add when you are ready
Oil Reservoir

Janome Artistic Liberty 26x8 and/or 18x8 requires little maintenance.
The oil is self-contained so you no longer have to worry about oil on your quilts or oiling the hook with every bobbin change.

Janome C-Frame

Professional Metal Frame is adjustable in height and stretches out to 10 feet.
The Rails extend to accomodate both 18" and 26" machines
Features and Benefits:
Height adjustable legs
Accurate quick-release ratchets to help to precisely tension fabric
Pivoting top fabric rail to allow access to batting
Adustable dual-bearing wheels on front and back tracks increases the stability and accuracy
Easy turn wheels for adjustment
Janome Liberty
Longarm Machine
Beginner Retreat
Sales Price
Janome Liberty 18 x 8
18" Throat
10' or 12'
Two Day, Free
New                 $6,999.00
Janome Liberty 26 x 8
26" Throat
10' or 12'
Two Day, Free
New                 $8,999.00
Janome Liberty 18 x 8
18" Throat
10' or 12'
Two Day, Free
Floor Model      $5,495.00
Janome Liberty 26 x 8
26" Throat
10' or 12'
Two Day, Free
Floor Model      $7,495.00
All machine packages include:
Canvas Leaders
Laser Light - for pantograph quilting

Bobbin Winder - On Board

Side Clamps
Thread Package
Comprehensive Manual and more
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