Longarm Quilting Machine, Movers
Tom Dugan, is the co-owner of Texas Quilt Machines, LLC.

Tom Dugan, is an expert on Longarm Quilting Systems!!!

Tom Dugan, has taken maintenence and tech classes, on 7 brands of  Longarm Quilting systems.  
Tom Dugan, knows longarms.

Tom Dugan, sells and trains quilters to use, Longarm Quilting Systems.

Tom Dugan, and his crew, have set up more than 800 longarm quilting machines and frames, over the last
10 years. They have set up longarm systems in quilters homes, at quilt shows, and at area longarm
training venues and trade shows.

Tom and crew, are experienced, in setting up new machines and frames.
Tom and crew, are experienced, in setting up used machines and frames.
Tom and crew, are experienced, in breaking down and moving longarm quilting machines and frames, from
the old location to the new location.

Tom and crew, are experienced in relocating the Longarm Quilting Machine, Frame and Robot to the new
location. Tom, tests all parts of the machine, to make sure it is working correctly at the new location.

We also work with moving companies.  
TQM, has been commissioned to break down, pack up, secure, and get Longam systems, ready to move
to other parts of the country.
TQM, also sets up, machines and packages, that have been moved from elsewhere.
TQM, can help get your machine moved and working perfect after the move. Please call.

Tom and crew, are experienced and have successfully moved and/or set up:
Handi Quilters
ABM Innovas
Baby Lock Crown Jewels
Tin Lizzies
and other brands....
We have lots of references and happy quilters!!!

Do you need to move your machine down the street or across the state?  
Tom and crew can do it!!

Did you just sell your machine and need it moved to the new owners studio?  
Tom and crew can do it!!

Did you just buy a new or used Longarm and Frame, and need it set up?  
Tom and crew can do it!!

Does your machine and/or frame, need to go into or out of an upstairs window?
Not a problem, we have done this many times.

Do you need your machine and frame, set up in a tight space?
Not a problem, We have set up lots of machines, in very tight spaces.

We bring a large trailer.  We bring packing material. We pack and secure your machine and frame, and
get it ready for the move to the new location.  We bring a manual for your machine.  We don't leave until
everything is right. We make sure all of your buttons and the stitch regulator is working 100%.

We have lots of happy customers.  Tom and Crew, have moved lots of quilters.  Some quilters, several

Please call for references.
Please call for rates and dates available.
Texas Quilt Machines, LLC
Tuesday - Saturday
10am - 5pm
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